Iron Man Inspired Repulsor Beam Blaster V1.0

Homebrew repulsor beam blaster  that’s designed to produce extremely intense burst of light that can be used to repulse your archnemesis, girlfriend /wife and pet cat.

UPDATE: This hack's featured on  Hack A Day!!, and Gizmodo and Engadget and Slashgear and TechCrunch. Many thanks to the folks there, and to everyone that took the trouble to visit.

WARNING: The build involves high voltage and intense light so please take the necessary precautions. And please be warned that , walking around with one of this strapped to your hand may seriously jeopardize your chances with the opposite sex. 




The repulsor is essentially two circuits that are switched ON/OFF using a DPST switch.

The source of the DC Step-up Charging Module is the good old analog cameras. When extracting the module, mark the wires so you don’t mix them up. If you have one lying around, then don’t waste time reinventing the wheel. If not, then google is your friend.

The function of this circuit is to gradually step up the 3V source up until 330V, and releasing the stored charges very rapidly when triggered. High current and voltage are needed to energize the Xenon gas inside the tube bulb yielding intense but short burst of light.

Do not short the lead of a charged capacitor, it will pop in your face, literally. I learnt my lesson the hard way a while back. Play safe, always have a large resistor handy, discharge the capacitor via the resistor before you begin to fiddle with it.

The purpose of the discharge switch in the schematic is to short and safely discharge the capacitor when it’s no longer in use.

Assembling The Lamp 

The 8 LEDs are connected in parallel and soldered to the board forming a circle. The Xenon tube bulb with it’s reflector is attached to the center.

The lamp reflector is a bit tricky to source. The challenge is trying to find the right size that fits or at least can be modified. Finally achieved a perfect fit after extensive searching, followed by some cutting and sanding.

The diffuser is whole lot easier to make. It is cut to shape from semi-translucent polypropylene (resin identification code 5). The cylindrical casing is salvaged from a broken eye-ball lamp.


Metal Works And Mounting

The arm mounting frame is made from aluminum flat bars bended to size. The underside is layered with velcro straps. Everything riveted in place, protruding rivets are sanded.

The circuit and the batteries are mounted on flat plates riveted to the above mounting frame. 

DIY_iron_man_super_hero_blaster_mount_21 DIY_iron_man_super_hero_blaster_mount_22

Lamp And Switch Box Mount 

Where the switch box and the lamp are mounted. The switching box is made from a project box, with an attached limit switch. This is the designated “Fire” switch. The fire switch is align to the ring finger. When the finger is outstretched, it triggers the capacitor’s rapid release of charges resulting in a flash burst.
The rest of the switches are the:

1) Power – Push ON, push OFF, DPST switch. Turns on both the LED lamp and the DC step-up charging circuit.

2) Charge – Push ON, Release OFF switch. This triggers the charging of the capacitor. It will start to whine, gradually increasing in pitch as it charges.

3) Discharge – Push ON, push OFF switch. The switch shorts the circuit between the capacitor leads.

When the discharge switch is turned on, the orange LED lights up indicating that there are charges stored in the storage capacitor. It will gradually dim and die off as the capacitor drains.

  homemade_iron_man_repulsor_beam_blaster_mount_28homemade_iron_man_repulsor_beam_blaster_mount_29 homemade_iron_man_repulsor_beam_blaster_mount_32

Finishing Touches

The photos are pretty self explanatory. Aluminum strips, zip ties, cable organizers, spacers, hot glue and some bolt and nuts for the finishing touches. The small white brick is the 10 watt discharge resistor mounted on top of the battery holder. 


Fire It Up
  1. Turn the power switch ON. The LED lamp lights up.
  2. Press the charge switch and capacitor will start to charge with a whining sound. Once fully charged the charge indicator will start to blink.
  3. Outstretch the fingers to fire.
  4. Press the charge switch to recharge. Fire and repeat.
  5. When done, turn ON the discharge switch to drain the capacitor.


rozanna- said...

pet cat repulsor? haha.
nice work there :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm interesting. I might add some upgrades to this to improve performance. Nice work!

dukio said...

nice work man, and congrats for the wide coverage on ur post

Mike said...

Fn Awesome. I want one.

Time to start scrounging for parts...

Jayce said...

Hey man, you are good. Only wish that the light is in 1 big line. Then will be perfect. ^_^

Chein said...

@Jayce, Thanks!

I assume you meant that the light beam should be narrower, for better repulsor beam effect.

I have to agree with you, I actually wanted to do that, unfortunately the trade off is, with an elongated reflector to focus the light beam, the lamp thickness (the one that rest on the palm) end up being a few inches thick, it won't sit comfortably in the palm anymore.

Jordan said...

This is a very inspiring post, I love it! Would it be possible for you to post a build cost and/or a parts list? I am tempted to make one of these myself :D
Thanks in advance,

ken said...

wow.. this is really so cool! =D

Anonymous said...

Really cool. Would you mind putting up a parts list?

Mike said...

Ok finished my build;

Mike said...

Wow. Pics didn't get posted. Let's try this again.

Ok. Finished my build;
About $20 in new and used parts.
$6 for new pr of shinguards. Everything else was cheap. Hint: used electronics goldmine for flash boards reflector and switches.

Hold power button (left ) to charge. Hit red button to fire (bulb flashes) and hold black button to discharge (blue LED).

Chein said...

@Mike: Wow that's a really cool build! Really nice touch with the glove and shin guard.

Anonymous said...

that is the best warning ever

James H said...

What kind of Xenon arc tube are you using? I've found a few of different wattages (is that a word?), along with xenon flash tubes. Any pointers on what to go for?

Noah said...

hey Chein,
how much do you want for it?

e-mail me:

sheartriggerrevolver said...

so the resistor keeps you from getting electocuted?will i get shocked taking parts from the camera if its not charged.thats happened to me before

Anonymous said...

Would love a material list

Luke said...

This is a really awesome project and I really want to try to build this. Could someone add a materials list though, cause I'm not a genius or anything and I cant really tell what is being used, but I really wanna give this a try.I'm a quick learner.

Broderick said...

Can you please put more detailed instructions with a materials list up! If not, are you planning on selling them? I'd love to buy one if I can't make one!

Anonymous said...

Mike, do you want to sell ? how much ? email me

mikhail fernando said...

Just wanted to say you're really awesome sir. Thank you for posting this! a really great help for those iron man fans especially those who are tech hobbyists! Keep rocking sir!

Samuel Oulds said...

What kind of charging module should you use if you cant get one from an old camera

Samuel Oulds said...

what kind of step-up charging module should be use if i cant get hold of one from a camera, like voltage and watts-wise.

Kartikay Bh said...

can anybody explain on which principal does it works